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Yoga is so much more than a physical workout. It’s time to breathe with ease, to quieten the mind and understand yourself on a deeper level. Yoga and meditation can help you be more present and mindful of your life choices, creating a world that you see with complete joy and gratitude.


Build strength & flexibility

Relax, breathe & find some peace

Energise the body & mind, bringing balance & great health

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Dianna Bedran

Dianna Bedran


Dianna has been in the health industry for over 18 years. Consultations with her take into account scientific approaches alongside naturopathic investigation. She is part of a team of medical and health professionals who are…

Lilian Sutila

Lilian Sutila

Yoga Teacher & Bowen Therapist

Bowen therapy is a gentle, non invasive technique which moves the fascia improving circulation, releasing muscle tension and reducing inflammation. This is achieved  by the use of  light movements over the  muscles, tendons and ligaments…

Camila Falconer

Camila Falconer


Camila has dedicated more than 10 years guiding individuals towards their path. A path and process of self-acceptance and growth. Sometimes life is challenging so we need to find a reliable, accepting and constant guidance…