Class Descriptions

Yoga is not about touching toes, its about what you learn on the way down…”

Beginners Yoga

This class is a great introduction yoga, learning to breathe with ease, move more freely and find a more peaceful mind. Our teacher Danuta has a light hearted approach making you feel welcome, adapting to your needs and even having some fun. You will surely leave feeling lighter, brighter and more relaxed.

Mindfulness & Meditation

This is an open class for everyone to explore different mindfulness techniques. We guide you through a wonderful meditation that will relax your mind and body and bring a sense of peace and happiness to your life.
This class is ideal for those who want to free themselves of stress, anxiety and negative thoughts, and find balance in their lives. It is also suitable for those who Meditate regularly and want to practice with like minded people.
Meditating helps to even out the ups and downs of life creating a more balanced head space for positive uplifting joyous emotions to surface. It helps you focus and creates an awareness of what it is you truly want.

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a slow-paced style of yoga where poses are held for longer periods of time to allow the body to open, relax & surrender. Often referred to as the ‘yoga of the joints’, Yin Yoga helps with circulation to the joints and improves flexibility in a gentle manner, dissolving tension.

This class is designed to work into each part of the body, releasing blockages, tension and mobilising otherwise stubborn joints.
(Suitable for beginners and seniors)

Slow Flow Yoga

This is a gentle flowing class designed to move smoothly from pose to pose, to help regain balance in the mind and build a little strength in the body. With gentle stretching, deep breathing and relaxation a focus, this class is suitable for all levels.

Japanese Yoga

Japanese yoga incorporates Asian philosophies. In this class we work with the Meridian systems [acupuncture points] of the body and the five element theory [earth, metal, water, wood, fire]. Specific exercises and asanas are performed for each season, time of day, and the ever changing needs of people. This means that every class is different allowing for more harmony and support.
The breath is used with every movement to move Qi [energy] through the body releasing stagnation and a huge focus is placed on strengthening the Tanden [hara, core]. Japanese yoga is extremely effective in generally strengthening the body as well as increasing flexibility.
It’s a very holistic, therapeutic and zen style of yoga bringing the body and mind into balance, leaving you feeling invigorated, strong and alive, designed to suit everyone and at any level.

Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga has often been described as ‘Embodied Meditation’. Supported and gentle poses are help comfortably for long periods of time to help you soften, relax and unwind. With a focus on breathing, meditation and mindfulness, this class really helps to calm the nervous system, quieten the mind and still the body. You will surely leave feeling calm, settled, balanced and ready for bed.
Suitable for beginners.

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga is based on linking the movement with the breath. Each pose flows gracefully from one to another, linked to each breath you take. This helps to focus the mind and create greater strength in the body, allowing for a deeper relaxation at the end.

If you are not sure what class to start with please feel free to call or email us for some guidance. We are more than happy to have a chat and help you pick a class that is suitable for you.

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