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Yoga is so much more than a physical workout. It’s time to breathe with ease, to quieten the mind and understand yourself on a deeper level. Yoga and meditation can help you be more present and mindful of your life choices, creating a world that you see with complete joy and gratitude.


Build strength & flexibility

Relax, breathe & find some peace

Energise the body & mind, bringing balance & great health

the team

Christina Madlani

Christina Madlani

Yoga & Meditation Teacher

I believe that the mind and body are strongly linked. The more we combine a beautiful physical yoga practice with a deep meditation practice, the more we can understand our own behaviour, health and happiness.…

Brooke Duncan

Brooke Duncan

Yoga Teacher

Brooke embodies a holistic yoga practice bringing peace to the mind, vitality to the body and nourishment to the soul.  She draws on the philosophy of the Yoga Sutras and the elements of nature to…