I love these little guys. Super cute and really easy to make for Christmas!

Directions: Take a can of coconut cream and add half a teaspoon of vanilla powder and a hand full of cashews. Blend in an electric mixer till its smooth, thick and frothy and then pop it in the fridge overnight to thicken. Use a piping bag or make your own piping bag by cutting a small hole in a sandwich bag.

Use large strawberries to make your job easier. Chop the leaves off the top in a nice straight line so Santa can stand up straight. Cut 1/3 of the strawberry off the bottom for his hat. Squeeze 2 small cream dots as buttons on each santa top and one small dot on top of his hat. Cut the hole in the piping bag a little bigger and squeeze a larger amount of cream on top of the strawberry as his face. Add his strawberry hat. Use 2 small black sesame seeds as eyes. Keep refrigerated until ready to eat.

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