I wake up and take deep breaths, slowly, with calmness, not relying on my ability to inhale anymore than my exhale.

When I eat my breakfast, each mouthful is chewed with gratitude, with full appreciation for the taste, recognising the exact sensation of each mouthful.

As I sit to do my work I make a clear intention for the day which will affect each action I take, each email I write, each word spoken and all energy exerted.

I encounter many people throughout my day, some friendly and calm, others stressful and angry. I focus on my true intention for the day with compassion and kindness so as not to allow their energy to interfere with my blissful mindset, aiming only to help others feel more positive and happy with their time in this universe.

I go to the market and purchase my food with gratitude to the planet for providing such a perfect composition of molecules to nourish my body.

I meet my dad and aim to only bring him peace in his old age, to love and support him in anyway I can, even if it’s just simply helping him with his phone.

When I have moments of solitude I try to reflect mindfully on the present moment, how I feel, what’s happening around me and make it somehow more beautiful. That’s my goal.

This is how I hope to one day live each moment; with complete intention mindfully, compassionately and lovingly. But I’m not quite there, yet…

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