Yoga Teacher

In my previous career I worked in finance. I suffered burnout & chronic fatigue for 2 years in my mid 20’s. This followed by 2 children led me to leave my corporate career and reinvent myself as a yoga teacher.

Back pain has been my friend for many years due to scoliosis, poor posture, long hours of sitting and stress. Yoga has helped. As a result I’m passionate about helping others manage and relieve their physical pain through accessible and modified yoga practices that heal rather than harm.

I am constantly learning and have a passion for anatomy and the human body. I like to experiment with different ways of experiencing asana as I believe there is no one right approach and we can learn new things by moving the body in different ways. Yoga should fit your body rather than your body fitting the yoga. I don’t believe in a one size fits all approach (been there and done that).

The main messages that you will hear in my classes are:
– modify to suit your body and how you are feeling on that day (I encourage the use of props)
– notice what you feel vs how you look
– follow ahimsa, non harming towards yourself
– practice with self compassion – practice with awareness and mindfulness .

As mum, wife and business owner who lives in a busy city, fatigue and the risk of burnout is still something that I am constantly managing. Practicing self care is vital yet not always easy. I know that yoga can be a great tool for self care if practiced with compassion and awareness. As I mature I am realising the value of the slower and softer yoga practices such as yin, restorative & meditation. These practices have so much value in the busy and stressful world that we live in.