Meditation Teacher

My name is Adrian Spear and I have a no-nonsense evidence based scientific approach to training the mind.

Research proves that 90% of the people seeking medical aid are doing so because of illness or disease triggered by their inability to cope with the pressures of life. In short, our thoughts are making us sick.

I teach a range of concentration, relaxation and meditation techniques to reduce your negative reactions to the stress of life – build self-awareness – stabilise and reduce negative emotions – create a positive, clearer and calmer state of mind – how to deal with life’s challenges more effectively – improve your self-esteem and intuition – improve your communication with others – physiologically influence your health – create a healthier and happier you!

I cover a range of topics such as anger, aggression, failure, guilt, worry, self-rejection, approval seeking, acceptance, impermanence, judgement, stress, habits, use of affirmations, mental rehearsal and many more.