Kate Louise

Angelic Reiki Practitioner
Kate Louise

My name is Kate Louise, and I am an Angelic Reiki practitioner.

Over the years I have studied various modalities including Theta Healing, Reconnective Healing, Doreen Virtue’s Angel Intuitive, Angelic Reiki and I am also a Meditation Facilitator.  Learning and practising these different methods has led to my third eye opening up a great deal, along with intense spiritual awakening and growth.

I now facilitate Angelic Reiki/energy healing sessions for people using an amalgamation of the methods I have studied.  All healing sessions are conducted via the angelic realm, and therefore it is your angelic guides who are conducting the energy work for you.  It is an enormously effective, safe and loving way to shift stuck energy and truly transform your life from within.  I think a good way to describe it is “unconditional love healing”.  Love is the most powerful healing force that will ever exist, and the Angels are absolute experts at facilitating just the right healing session for any individual.

With the huge energetic recalibration occurring on our precious planet Earth right now, it is sometimes hard to keep up without becoming frustrated.  Know that you can achieve true peace right now, and that you don’t need to wait for life to be “perfect”.  You are an awesome, light-filled, divine being, and the Angels can help you remember this!

Through connection with the amazing ascended masters, angels and intergalactic guides that are here to help us, we will together tune you into your divine truth.  You are perfect as you are – it’s just a matter of you remembering this!

With us now evolving into a 5D existence, it is more important than ever not to let old 3D energy distract us from the pure Joy and Love that is our absolute right to experience.

Sessions with Kate & pricing:

All sessions with Kate cost $70 per hour, but until the end of February you can get a 25% discount!

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