Christine Katralis

Christine is a highly experienced massage therapist with years of experience. She is qualified in many different areas of massage, providing you with the best treatment possible for your body.

Remedial Massage works on the deeper layers of muscle which helps the body to release stress, lowers blood pressure, increases endorphins your body’s natural feel good chemical, lowers insulin levels.

Deep Tissue Massage requires much firmer pressure to get to the deeper muscles and release any tension, toxins and aids in better circulation. Massage also helps improve bad posture as muscles are loosened and relaxed therefore allowing joints to enjoy greater freedom.

Sports Massage is used to treat individuals who are involved in physical activity and can therefore aid in the healing of overworked muscles which have tightened and restricting range of motion, massage helps keep joints more fluid, making you more flexible and less prone to injury.

Swedish/Relaxation Massage is basically a more gentle relaxing massage which can aid with anxierty and stress and helps improve circulation. Massage helps to lower blood pressure therefore lowering depression , anxiety and keeps stress hormone levels under control, helping to reinforce positive attitude and calm thinking. Also helps reduce the chance of frequent migraine and headaches.

Pregnancy Massage is beneficial in reducing swelling by enhancing blood flow and resulting in better body function also helping with stress and anxiety.

Christine Ph: 0413 736 355


30 minutes – $60

45 minutes – $75

60 minutes – $90

Available on request


Diploma Remedial Massage
Diploma Sports Injuries
Alchemy Hot Stone Massage
Chi Chinese Healing College

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