1. Lemon Juice. Not only can you scrub your finger nails with lemon to remove stains, but you can wash your hair with it! It helps to reduce dandruff and gives you a fresh clean without chemical build up in your hair and scalp.

2) Apple cider vinegar and bicarbonate of soda. I have to credit Alex Tsallas (our Japanese Yoga Teacher) for this amazing idea. Just mix a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda with apple cider vinegar until it creates a paste and rub into your face gently. Not only does this remove dark spots over time, but it gives you a beautiful youthful glow and super clean fresh skin.

3) Honey. If you get pimples or spots, dab a little bit of honey on them and watch them shrink. Or you can mix raw honey with a little bit of warm water and use it as a face mask. It’s natural antibacterial properties help clear spots quickly. Honey mixed with raw oats and yoghurt can also act as a nice face mask to moisturise and refresh the skin. 

4) Aloe Vera. If you don’t have a plant, buy one. Cut off a small piece of the plant (2cmx2cm) , scrape out the gel from inside the leaf and place it all over your face and neck (keeping away from eyes). Leave it to dry for around 15 minutes and watch how it firms up your skim, acting as a mask to reduce wrinkles and tighten the skin. Plus if you ever have sunburn, this aloe vera plant will become your best friend as it heals and soothes burns without reducing you to skin peeling.

5) Coconut Oil. Instead of using expensive creams that are full of nasty chemicals; just use coconut oil to moisturise at night. Not only does it have anti ageing and antibacterial properties, but it wont clog your skin.

The last one is a just a free reminder; cold cut cucumber rings on the eyes really do help reduce puffy eyes. Plus it gives you an excuse to lie down and close your eyes for 20 minutes.

Take care of yourself.

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