What Are Chakra’s?

Chakra’s are energy centres that run along our spine. Chakra literally translates as “wheel” due to their turning nature. As they spin, they absorb energy, experiences, feelings, thoughts etc into the that area of the body. When the chakra’s are out of balance we may experience blockages in our energy flow, emotional issues, illness, or life imbalances. Each chakra has it’s own unique characteristics:

Root Chakra (RED) – located at the base of the spine. This area represents our foundation, being grounded and secure in our life. It could represent financial matters, food, shelter and survival issues. It is where we feel stable, courageous, patient and balanced. A balanced chakra will leave you feeling a strong sense of direction and purpose in life.

Sacral Chakra (ORANGE) – located 2 inches below the naval and 2 inches in. This area relates to our creativity, our sense of pleasure, abundance, well-being, and sexuality. A balanced chakra will leave you with the ability to be creative and accept change and new experiences with great pleasure.

Solar Plexus (YELLOW) – located just above the naval. Here lies our sense of personal power, our autonomy, identity, determination in life and self-control. A balanced chakra will leave you with a great feeling self-worth, self-confidence, and self-esteem. Laughter and our sense of humour also plays a part here.

Heart Chakra (GREEN) – located just above the heart. Here is where we feel joy, love, inner peace and the ability to express love for yourself and others. Compassion and contentment also play a large part here, as well as balance and acceptance in life. Our doubts and fears are gone here and we feel unconditional love.

Throat Chakra (BLUE) – located at the base of the throat. Here we feel ease of communication and self-expression. We feel we are able to speak our truth, with ease. We are not holding onto any secrets, there is gentleness, kindness, reliability and truth. When we are in balance, our heart is able to freely speak to our mind.

Third Eye Chakra (PURPLE) – located between the eye brows. Here is our ability to see the big picture, our intuition, imagination, wisdom, and inner awareness. We are able to think clearly, analyse, reason, and make decisions. We can perceive truth in the world and feel peace of mind and forgiveness.

Crown Chakra (WHITE or VIOLET) – located at the top of the head. Here is our higher spiritual connection to the infinite, our pure consciousness. We feel personal expression, connection to a greater power or universe, for divine wisdom and understanding. It gives us a direct and absolute perception of reality, allowing us to be fully connected spiritually. Here is a state of pure bliss.

There are many ways of balancing the chakra’s; Meditating on each chakra can help release unwanted blockages and bring in a fresh new perspective and energy. Specific sounds and yoga poses can also help gain better balance between chakra’s as you tap into higher vibrations as well as physically releasing blockages. However, just being aware of each chakra can really help to understand our own behaviour, our body and our mind. Namaste

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